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The Desert Dream

  • guguls 

Ali was a young engineer who had just graduated from college. He had always dreamed of working in the oil and gas industry, exploring new fields and developing new technologies. He was thrilled when he got an offer from a multinational company to work in one of their projects in Saudi Arabia.

He packed his bags and said goodbye to his family, promising to visit them often and send them money. He boarded the plane with excitement and anticipation, looking forward to his new adventure.

He arrived at the desert camp, where he met his colleagues and supervisors. They welcomed him warmly and showed him around. He was impressed by the facilities and equipment they had, as well as the challenges they faced. He felt proud to be part of such a team.

He worked hard and learned fast. He enjoyed solving problems and finding solutions. He made friends with his co-workers and shared stories with them. He also kept in touch with his family through phone calls and video chats. He sent them pictures of his work and life in the desert.

He missed them dearly, but he also loved his job. He felt that he was doing something meaningful and rewarding.

He stayed in the desert for two years, then three, then four. He got promoted several times and earned more money. He bought a house for his parents and paid for his siblings’ education. He also got married to a beautiful woman he met online, who agreed to move with him to the desert.

They had a son, whom they named Omar. Ali was overjoyed to be a father. He adored Omar more than anything else in the world.

He wanted to give Omar everything he could: love, care, education, comfort, happiness.

But he also wanted to give him something else: time.

Time was something Ali didn’t have much of. His job demanded long hours and frequent travels. His project was expanding rapidly and facing new challenges every day.

He tried his best to balance his work and family life, but it was not easy.

He often missed Omar’s milestones: his first steps, his first words, his first day at school.

He often missed by important occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.

He often missed simple moments: playing games, reading stories, having dinner together.

He felt guilty for not being there for Omar more often.

But he also felt that he was doing it for Omar’s sake.

He wanted Omar to have a better future than he did.

He wanted Omar to have more opportunities than he did.

He wanted Omar to have more choices than he did.

So he kept working hard in the desert,

hoping that one day,

he could retire early

and spend more time with Omar

and make up for all the lost years.

But that day never came.

Still waiting for that…

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