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Something Sweet!

Hello Friends,

COVID, COVID Everywhere, people are suffering all around the world, the Covid pandemic has disrupted millions of lives across the globe. While some have been lucky to win the battle against the virus, several others have faced devastating consequences.

People are idle at their homes, they become fat and lazy. My situation also the same, simply passing time without any creative things. Today when I was laying on my couch after lunch, I remember one happiest moment pass through in my life couple of years back.

That was one of the happiest day in my life..On that beautiful day I didn’t forget the beautiful verse from our grand parents they usually says – “You should start every good thing in your life with something sweets”. So I bought some good chocolates to share my happiness to one around me..

I shared all these chocolates to the kids around my home. When I gave this to them, I can feel their happiness and that was the blessings for me. I read somewhere that whenever a kids smiles because of you, the angels from heaven bless you for that sake.

Stay happy and healthy.

Thanks for stopping by here,


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