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Relations between Seatbelt and deployment of Airbag!

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Yes Off course.

Usually most of the people think that the seat belt has nothing to do with the deployment of Air Bags. But actually this is a wrong thought, Seat belt has an important role in that. Before going to its technical side I just want to tell you a real story that happened to my friend.

He owns a premium class luxury vehicle (SUV Type) from a top class manufacturer. I don’t want to name the company and friend to avoid any miss understandings. When he going to spend a huge money on this car some of his friend ask him that why do you waste your valuable money for a car, you can invest most of the share from that and buy some base model cars.

The first answer coming from him is that they can give us a premium class security rather than luxury (any way no one can assure 100% security). That was the main thing that they offer for our money.

Unfortunately after few months later his car had an accident with good loss. Same time he also injured severely. Soon after his recovery, he went to his car showroom to ask about the Air Bag deployment. He bought a premium class vehicle only because of safety things. But something unexpectedly happened the mechanism wonít work, then how it worth. 

The executive there in that showroom ask him about the seat belt. Generously my friend replied that he won’t wear. At that time we realize that the seat belt and Air Bag have some close relations. Most of the vehicle manufacture follow these relations to reduce the risk level except some.

Let’s go to logical and technical side.

The reason behind the use seat belt is to restrain oneself the person from going along the inertia of the previous state of the car. In short, if the car crashes, the person will fly away from the vehicle if nothing is holding him in place.

When the car is moving, he will be traveling at the speed of car (example car was moving 80 Km/hr before crash, he will be moving with the same speed of car after crash due to inertia). This may cause him hitting the steering or dashboard or glass.

Now imagine, if you are moving hitting an object at a very high speed which also has a very high potential force. The resultant impact become very high. This is very harmful and the person may die in this case, his/her neck can break easily.

Check out video demonstrations and awareness..

For this reason, the automobile manufacturers has made the relationship between Seatbelt and Air bags. If the driver or passenger is not wearing seat belt, the air bag won’t be deployed. 

Remember, safety features are designed to reduce the risk to life. Don’t ever risk your life knowing your vehicle is equipped with safety features. Any of technology never assures 100% safety to you, but they will definitely work to their best.

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