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No Smoking Campaign

  • guguls 

I’ll start with my motivation to write this campaign post. It was the lunch time, one of my colleague invited me for an outside lunch from a restaurant.. and we planned a restaurant near to our office, I don’t want to name that restaurant.. as planned we all get in to the car and drive to the point.

On the way to restaurant one of my friend start lighting his cigarette. We are three in the car and me and other feel frustrated because of that smoke and smell and we told him why you smoke in this time because we two are not a smoker, he just wink on us and continue puffing. But we discussed about the passive smoking after effects and all until we reach the restaurant.

We park our car in parking area outside the restaurant and walk into. At that time I noticed another thing that a lot of cigarette buds are trashing around the floor even there have one trash bin very near to that..

I feel sad and then checked the trash god sake I didn’t found a single cigarette buds inside that. I show this to my smoker colleague and ask him why do you guys makes difficulties to other people and also to the environment, he was speechless ? at that time..

Just go to the main part..

Effects and Reasons to Quit Smoking

  • Fouls smell – Steven Schroeder, MD, director of the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at the University of California at San Francisco, says that smokers are commonly self-conscious about the smell of smoke on their clothes and in their hair. And the smell of their breath is one of particular sensitivity to most smokers.
  • Sense of smell and taste – Smokers can’t appreciate the taste of any foods as intensely as before they smoking, but it’s really the loss of sense of smell that diminishes the sense of smell.
  • Premature Aging – It cause you looks older than that you are. Smoking causes skin changes like leathery skin and deep wrinkling on your faces.
  • Social pressure – Smokers have increasingly moved to the fringes of social networks, they have become marginalized.
  • Finding mates – Anyone who has perused the dating advertisement on any of matrimonial, papers or social networking sites, has seen more than his or her fair share of the phrase “No Smoker Please”.
  • You are a danger to others – Second-hand smoke is estimated to cause 50,000 deaths every year. It’s no wonder: More than 4,500 separate chemicals are found in a puff of tobacco smoke, and more than 40 of those are known carcinogens. Means Passive smoking is more dangerous than active.
  • Impact on Physical activity – A chain smoker is no longer to be capable of walk or run as much as the normal people even if he is not a perfect physic.
  • Impotence – Smoking increase the chances of impotence dramatically by affecting blood vessels. So for a smoker it’s difficult to find a partner easily.
  • Cost – If you are a smoker, it’s no surprise that smoking is downright expensive.

I think this is the best way to explain how it effects the Health,


YES from today every smoker who read this article or campaign post should take a PLEDGE that I’ll never smoke again and the one who are not a smoker should educate smokers from your friends, family or colleague and lead them to drop smoking.

To be a part of this Campaign by spreading this in your social handles.

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