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Exploring rateBuddy App

Like we says always “Everything under one platform”, we made fiat currency, crypto currency, precious metals live market value and convertors under one single app, we called that rateBuddy, your daily market partner. With this new rateBuddy App, you can do it all in one single app. No need to depend many app or waste time anywhere else.

For sure, you’ll find many applications for real time fiat currency exchange rates, crypto currency applications and even precious metal rate providers in google play stores. But what makes ratebuddy different is that you can enjoy all these three or four different app functionality in one single application. More over we try to get the data from the most reliable source that we think to make it more and more accurate.

What are the main features of rateBuddy?

Currency Exchange Rate

Here is our real time fiat currency exchange rate page. Looks simple and elegant, isn’t it?

The exchange page is exactly same as you seen in the picture. All the options and how to use our real time currency rate page will be explained in details.

Base Currency

It’s the base currency with which all your favorite currency value will be showed up. You can set any base currency you want to be the base value from 100+ currencies from all around the world. Our base currency support most of the currencies in the world.

Favorite Currencies

It’s the currency that you want to know the current real time value based on the base currency. Here also you can set most of the currencies in the world. By default there is an option to set three currencies as your favorite ones. If you want to add more currencies in your favorite list, use the add currency button bellow it.

Real Time Crypto Rate

With our Crypto currency page, you can get the real time market rates of thousands of crypto currencies. We made our crypto page in such a way that you can grab most of the coin related information at a glance.

By default the first five ranked coin according to coin market capital will displayed on the page, and you can add twenty coins on each time you hit the load more button on the bottom.

Search Bar

If you want to know the details of a particular coin, you can simply enter the coin name on search bar and hit search button on the right it will show up the current coin price and symbol. Whenever you start typing the coin a drop down window show up that matches your search content from the coin database if there is more than one coin matches your search, then you can simply select the coin you are looking for.

Table of Content

Each coin table will show up the real time value of that particular coin. Like coin name, coin symbol, circulating supply of the coin, real time price in dollars, total market capital of that particular coin and percentage 24hour change with red and green colors.

Sorting and Filtering

You can use the change tab on top of the coin list table to sort the coin according to 24hour percentage changes from highest changed coin to lowest changed or vice versa. Also use rank tab to sort according to rank again.

Precious Metal Rates

Our Precious Metal Page consist of the real time market rates of Gold Platinum and Silver in dollars. Why we choose only these three metals is because these they are the most valued and most traded three metals of the world.

Specially Gold and Silver comes on top in the list and most of the people looking for these metal values on daily basis, for investments and some for to buy physically from the store.

Table of Content

Each Precious metal Table contain the real time price per one gram and one tola in US Dollars. The real time showed up here is the current time of your device located country. We are disabled auto refresh the price features in this app, so better to go home and come back to the page to see the refreshed price again.

Convert Feature

This additional features lets you to covert the metal prices to your native currency for your convenience. Here you can enter your desired currency code of your choice country and input the current displayed value of metals the hit enter to get the metal prices in your native currency.

Currency Calculator and History

Another stunning features in this app is currency convertor and history. In this section you can convert the real time value of any sum of amount to your desired currency. This features helps you to get the exact amount of exchanged money of any sum.

Base Currency

Like in exchange page, you can decide your base currency with which you want to calculate the real time market rate. By default the base currency is set to Euro and the amount is 1. You can input your desired value in the amount field to get the calculated value.

Converted Currency

The currency you want to get the result. You can choose your desired currency from the drop down list.

Historical Data

For the historical data of your converted currency, simply select the date which you want the historical value by taping the calendar icon. The value will populate automatically while you select the date. You can avail up to 10 years historical value from the current date.


Finally rateBuddy is a single app with many useful daily life features in it. All the above described features can avail to your finger tips by a single button tap from the home screen. There is no other way around, simply home page – your desired page – back to home page, that’s it.

In short, rateBuddy is a must have app in your smart devices.

Download: You can download rateBuddy App from Google Play Store, link HERE

Reference: You can find the official blog post about rateBuddy app here

Disclaimer: This is not an investment or financial advice, Do your own research before doing any investment decisions or transactions.

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