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Dream Home ?

modern apartment master bedroom design

Hello Everyone!

Newly designed modern bedroom for my friends apartment! – Dream Home!

Having our own apartment or villa is everyone’s wish when they get in to a job or business. When ever we are ready to buy a home ? our next concern is how we make that home beautiful. We prefer some theme like antique, modular or ecological like many.

Few day’s before one of my friend bought a new apartment for him and he makes his dream home in modern theme. He used Morden home decor items in his house, like ceramic vases and flower prototypes etc.

In my home I don’t have any particular theme in it. But now slowly tried to make my home like a garden with natural and living plants in it. Like indoor plants, wooden handcrafted items instead of plastic and ceramics and of course nest also.

what’s your Idea about your dream home? Share that on comments.

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