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Did You Wash Your Hands?

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Don’t forget to wash your hands, cauz that vegetables bought from the market.

Endosulfan, DDT, Chlordane, Fungicide. The chemical cocktail that are sticked on everyone’s hand, causes liver and kidney dysfunction, asthma, depression and then cancer. Please be very sure that you wash your hands.

  • Carrot- Vitamin A & For eyes
  • Tomato & Vitamin C & For Immune system
  • Spinach & B-Complex & For Nervous system

But that’s an old story, a story that old as like our grandparents that they work hard in their fields to make that real at that time. But now the things are different. Even if we gave all the necessary vitamins and minerals to our kids throughout the week, how many of us have here they didn’t fix an appointment with your favorite Paediatrician at least once in a month.

As usual he prescribe the medicine for fever, cough, cold, stomach pain etc etc and we feel satisfied by looking the temporary cure by the effect of that drug until we catch the same doctor on next month with the same issues.

How many times we went to a paediatrician in our childhood? How many days we mark absents in our school attendance register? 

Two..if it goes maximum, then three. But now the situation is just opposite side. The veggies that give to our children by believing that it contains those vitamin, exactly we couldn’t find the any quantity of that, more over that we can find different kind of poisons in that. Chlordane and Endosulfan are the only two names in the long list.

They can cause immature growth, memory loss, lack of concentrations and lot more. Never blame our children when they have low performance in schools and other activities, we are also responsible for that.

The couples, they usually visit the spiritual and devotional center to please the god for a kid, it will be better once they go to the market and farm field deeply. They can find the reason behind their problem from there in the form of hormones and antibiotics that injected in fruits and vegetables.

We can’t limit the issue only with the above mentioned. You can check the growth rate of Cancer in the last few years. The one who read this article has any kind of relations with one of the cancer patients. And this is the proven statistics from the researches that the rate will goes up again and again.

No never, we cannot escape from that by spending on gym or other activities. For that we need GOOD AND FRESH food. Only that can save us from those disasters. Yes, everyone should come back to soil again, other than this there is no shortcut to avail good and fresh food.

A single balcony or a terrace or a small pit of land, that’s enough for one family’s vegetables. Everyone’s can, everyone’s. Here what I want to say to you that, everyone should find some place for their own vegetable farm for their own use whenever they make their dream home, if already done find some place for that. It may raise lots of justifications that we don’t have time and the cost like that. But I can assure that it may take only one by hundreds of the hospital time and the medical bills.

The food from our own home, our own effort for our own children. Now the time to give some relaxation to Paediatricians. The people from the future remember and thank you for made a house that has a space for a plant rather than you made a 10,000 square foot palace. 

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