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Cheena-Vala, An ancient kind of catching fish from the shore.

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The Cheena-Vala is colossal fishing net that spreads around 20m wide. It is settled to long bamboo post that are connected to a teak shaft. One end of a teak shaft attached to a rope which has a rock fixing to it for adjust. The whole mechanical assembly is settled to the shores with just the bamboo posts suspended mid air along the drift. 

At the point when anglers are prepared to pull in the fishes, they pull the rope which has the stone attached to it. The rope thusly lift up the bamboo shafts which reel in the angling net from under the water. Typically six anglers work at Cheena-Vala which requires parcel of exactness and adjust to pull the enormous net from the submerged, Sometime even one can. 

At the point when the net is prepared to be provided reason to feel ambiguous about one angler strolls the suspended teak shaft that is appended to the bamboo posts. The heaviness of the anglers encourages the bamboo shaft to lean forward and send the angling net in to the water. 

This angling net is thrown just for a couple of minutes and some time can pull in a ton of fishes and some of the time only a couple. Regularly it works as often as possible and the fishes are sold quickly to bystander. 

Their outline is novel, empowering just a single individual pulling at the primary board to have the capacity to drag it into the ocean. Certain teak posts have lights on them that should pull in angle. Viewing these lofty nets being suspended in mid-air, push upon push, is a really enchanting background.

You can check out this video for how they operate the Cheena-Vala to catch the fish.

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