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Adding Letsgheek Home Screen Icon

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Hello Gheeks!

Yes we all know that now the smartphone become the laptop for most of the people. Most of the cases they don’t depend the laptops, they just use their smartphone instead. Every time you visit a website for social interactions with your friends and family or to shop something, it would be quite annoying that you have to go to your web browser and type all the URL and then user credentials..ohh! disgusting.

There is an easy and simple steps to get rid from that, no matter if you are using iOS or Android mobile phone. All you have to do is just follow the steps bellow.

iOS Device

  1. 1. Go to SAFARI web browser
  2. 2. Enter on the url bar and hit ‘go’
  3. 3. Now you are in official letsgheek social media web page. New to this social media platform, just hit Register button on the header bar and register for a new account. User registration is very simple and take less than a minute. If you are already a registered member then just login with your credential before proceed further. // Registration/Login is not mandatory in these procedure //
  4. 4. Once you did the above, click the share button(square box with up arrow) on the bottom of your screen,
  5. 5. Scroll down until you find ‘Add to Home Screen Tab’, then just click the little + icon on the side.
  6. 6. Then just click Add button on the right top corner.
  7. 7. Thats it for iOS device. Now you can just go to your home screen and you will see a new letsgheek icon on there.

Check out the visual procedure bellow for better understanding.

Now you are hustle free from those url clinches, just click the home screen icon whenever you want to use the website. It works like an app in your smartphone. Enjoy!

Android Device

  1. Go to CHROME web browser
  2. Enter on the url bar and hit ‘enter’
  3. It will take you to official letsgheek page. Just scroll down the page little bit, you’ll see ‘Add letsgheek To Home Screen’ appeared on the bottom of your screen. Just click on that.
  4. You will get a pop up to install the App, click install. Don’t worry its a very light plug-in.
  5. You’re done, just go to your home screen you will see a new letsgheek icon appeared on your home screen.

Go through the visual interpretations bellow,

Now you can use your favorite social media in one click.

Some useful links:

Activity Page letsgheek Social Shopping : Click Here

Shops Page letsgheek Social Shopping : Click Here

Registration Page : Click Here


Thanks for the stopping by here,


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